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  EZRecruit™ is based on nearly two decades of hands-on recruiting experience. Our patented artificial intelligence technology literally mimics the thought processes of a recruiter - locating, sifting and contacting thousands of available candidates in a matter of minutes, all day, every day, all year long.
  • Integrate all recruiting methods - combine your in-house database, online resources, vendor management systems, email lists, print advertising and more with EZRecruit™'s all-in-one recruiting system
  • Find and compare EXACTLY the right candidates with advanced pre-interview, technical and skills assessments and scoring/ranking technology
  • One-click access to candidate's source resume, application file, assessment questions and history
  • Track recruiting performance with powerful, customizable reporting tools (even view charts or save to Excel)
  • Build your branding with your fully-customizable integrated EZRecruit™ careersite and job-notification emails
  • Automatic document handling - deliver candidate pre-hire documentation directly through EZRecruit™
  • Automatically check references for each candidate and review the responses in the Candidate File